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NZ On Air seeks ideas for a kids’ online space

NZ On Air is seeking ideas to provide a fresh way to connect New Zealand children with New Zealand audiovisual content online.

The move has come out of discussions held with the television and digital production industry last year about a new approach to funding children’s content. It follows comprehensive research into children’s media use NZ On Air commissioned last year.

NZ On Air is seeking options for a cohesive online local content solution. A call for Expressions of Interest asks for concepts to curate a new platform and/or app for primary aged-children, where they can find and enjoy entertaining and informative online local content specifically for them.

“Our challenge is to ensure we are funding what children want, and ensuring content is available where they are consuming media. Increasingly where they are is online,” said NZ On Air Chief Executive Jane Wrightson.

NZ On Air seeks to partner with an organisation that can invest in or extend a suitable online platform and/or app made especially for New Zealand children and focussed on their needs.

“This is an opportunity to create something exciting that reflects to NZ kids their own identity and culture in the online world. We already invest in a wealth of fabulous children’s content and see the potential to provide a safe, fun, interactive and culturally diverse viewing environment for local kids, to enjoy this content and more,” Ms Wrightson continued.

The EOI calls for responses from either strong media entities or effective media partnerships.

Submissions close 27 April. NZ On Air will enter into discussions with the preferred submitter and intends to make a final decision on whether to proceed by 30 June. The solution would be expected to be up and running by mid 2017.

The EOI is available here.

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