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NZ On Air seeks interactive docos

NZ On Air has opened the 2016 call for applications for its interactive documentary funding.

NZ On Air’s Head of Digital Leeuwenberg moderated a panel discussing interactive documentary at the recent Screen Edge Forum, making the point that the online space was good for non-linear exploration of content, something that suited the documentary form.

While keen to attract “born digital” applications, NZ On Air acknowledges the possibility of reaching larger audiences via broadcast rather than online. The scheme offers additional support for projects achieving FTA broadcast as part of the outcome. The scheme offers up to $175,000 per project, with an additional $150,000 for projects also including broadcast.

As with all its funding for digital projects, the agency is looking for applications that demonstrate a clear understanding of digital forms and how to attract audiences to digital projects.

Late last year NZ On Air announced the first four projects supported under the scheme. One of the projects, Frank Film’s How A City Rises, will continue the story of post-earthquake Christchurch begun in 2011’s When A City Falls and TV series Christchurch From The Streets.

NZ On Air has some examples of interactive docos including the Seven Digital Deadly Sins (pictured, top). The call for proposals is below; application deadline is 21 October.

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