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NZ On Air supports seven web series for ’17

Four teams who’ve previously received web series support and two who’ve made previous seasons of their shows make up six of the seven supported projects in this year’s NZ On Air web series round. Five of the series supported this year are written and directed by women.

Supported again are the Candle Wasters (travelling as the Good Times Co) for Tragicomic, Flat3 Productions for Friday Night Bites, Justin Harwood’s Tomorrowland for High Road, and Redletter TV for Lucy Lewis Can’t Lose,

The teams behind Auckward Love and Pot Luck, both of which have self-funded series out there, are also supported. Having released the first episode of the series in September, Hanelle Harris’ Baby Mama’s Club (pictured, top) is the only real new arrival on the list this year.

Four of the seven series supported will head to TVNZ On Demand, with the final season of Justin Harwood’s High Road the only project supported without a third-party platform attached. TV3, whose 3NOW platform has largely avoided local web series, gets the second season of Lucy Lewis Can’t Lose. The first season rolled out on 3NOW in August.

Although there’s unlikely to be much argument that the projects selected deserve support, there’ll undoubtedly be a lot of disappointment out there among those whose applications didn’t get across the line.

“Half of them would have been awesome to watch,” NZ On Air’s Brenda Leeuwenberg said. “It really was a massive discussion.” As it did last year, NZ On Air managed to find funds to support more than the intended six series.

Auckward Love, 8 x 15mins, We Three Productions for TVNZ On Demand, $100,000
Baby Mama’s Club, 5 x 7-10mins, BMC Productions for TVNZ On Demand, $100,000
Friday Night Bites, 20 x 2mins, Flat3 Productions for TVNZ On Demand, $100,000
High Road 4, 6 x 8 mins , Tomorrowland for online, $100,000
Lucy Lewis Can’t Lose, 5 x 7mins, Redletter TV for 3Now and TV3, $94,958
Pot Luck, 6 x 10mins, Robin Murphy Productions for TVNZ On Demand, $100,000
Tragicomic, 10 x 6mins, Good Times Company for The Wireless, $100,000

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