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NZCS Camera Pathways relaunched

If you are looking for a camera trainee, it may be worth checking out the talent on the New Zealand Cinematographers Society (NZCS) Camera Pathways directory.

The Camera Pathways programme provides a pool of new entrants to the industry who are committed to a career in camera. New entrants apply to join the programme or are talent spotted by film schools and, as they gain experience, they build a list of referees that can recommend them.

Camera Pathways participants may also be available for volunteer work experience on appropriate shoots, particularly where everyone is pitching in to help each other. NZCS President Richard Bluck says the objective of the Camera Pathways programme is to help people get a start.

“It can be difficult to get a start if you don’t know anyone already in the camera department,” he says. “Women and minorities find it especially hard and given time this programme will help increase diversity in the camera community.”

The Camera Pathways programme was conceived by cinematographer Kevin Riley, but Bluck says the new, refined, programme is simpler and because it is online, it is much easier to use. You don’t have to be an NZCS member because the directory is available for anyone who needs help in the camera department to use.

“Perhaps you need someone quickly for something like a music video that has no budget. You can now go and find someone to help really quickly. Perhaps your 1stAC is looking to fill a camera trainee position for your shoot. All they have to do is Google ‘NZCS Camera Pathways’ and the directory will come up.”

Bluck says the programme will be expanded in future with a programme of film school seminars and camera assistant training workshops.

Top image: AC Kirsten Green

About New Zealand Cinematographers Society Inc (NZCS)
NZCS was created in 2008 to foster cinematography in New Zealand for the benefit of members and the wider New Zealand Screen Production Industry. Today we welcome members from all parts of the image making process, and members from related fields who support the aims of the society.

NZCS provides regular events which are real, physical forums for networking, discovering and discussing all aspects of cinematography.

The NZCS Awards offer professional recognition and a celebration of world-class cinematography in New Zealand. NZCS is committed to gender and ethnic diversity and runs a programme called Camera Pathways to help new entrants to the industry, and redress the current imbalances.

The NZCS membership meets regularly to discuss the issues and interests of Cinematographers, and its membership is made up of professionals currently shooting the world over, as well as at home here in New Zealand. Accredited members are entitled to use the letters NZCS after their name.

NZCS is supported by members and industry sponsors.

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1 Response

  1. Malcolm Cromie

    Hi, I admire the input and work going into this for the new people, women and minorities interested in a career, but I feel one growing group of people that is continually overlooked are the huge number of older, experienced, talented industry people who are forced to leave the industry or starve because of the influx of people competing for the very few opportunities that are now relying on eager newbies to work for little or free that the education industry is turning out. The education industry is the only thing benefiting in this race to the bottom with costs and rates driven down while releasing huge numbers of graduates into an industry with no real jobs or future career path. The Film Commission has actively contributed to this situation with its policy of forcing the reduction of crew rates rather than raising more funds and they crow with delight claiming this as a success. Just off hand I know of at least six talented DOPs living on the breadline living cheap in lock ups and garages or having to re train late in life for menial jobs just to stay alive after years of building their experience and this industry to the strength that it is now. This is a huge waste of talent and experience and an insult to those that have already dedicated their lives to this industry.