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NZCS shares the love

The sold-out Cinematographers Awards ran Saturday night in Auckland, with plenty of people making trips to the podium, and some of them doing so several times.

Dale Bremner topped the winner’s list with seven awards, while three people took four awards each: Lachlan Milne, Kieran Fowler and Aaron Morton.

International guest Alex Funke (pictured, top) has won three Oscars, two for work on Lord on the Rings, and shared wit and wisdom both before and at Saturday’s ceremony.

The headline Cinematographer of the Year gong went to Stuart Dryburgh NZCS ASC, for 2016 feature The Great Wall. Dryburgh works mostly overseas these days, with his last major NZ-shot credit being for 2012 feature Emperor. At the awards he took time to credit and thank the NZ crew members who’d also worked on The Great Wall.

Last year Ginny Loane won the Cinematographer of the Year gong, and returned to the podium this year for telemovie Jean, which has also done well at other awards events here and overseas. Loane was one of only three female winners at the NZCS bash this year. Danielle Sciascia was awarded for student film Maximillian The Great. Nina Wells took two awards for work on webseries Auckward Love.

Other winners for work on web series including two of shooters for recent Loading Docs titles: Mark Lapwood (The Coffin Club) and Martyn Williams (The World In Your Window).

Wells was one of the evening’s honorary award winners, taking the Al Guilford Emerging Cinematographer Award. A longtime camera assistant and self-described “practical perfectionist” Wells has aspired to be one of the country’s top female cinematographers (admittedly a small club) for some time.

Nina Wells

The evening’s other honorary award, the Turtz Award for Contribution to Cinematography, went to Brenden Holster “for sustained year-on-year professionalism in the position of first camera assistant”. One of the world’s foremost 1st AC’s, Holster began as a clapper loader at Metro Film in the 90’s, before working uder Donny Duncan on Xena. Since then he’s added a truckload of locally-shot and internatioal features to his CV, including Narnia – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Ghostrider, Avatar, Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy and recent features such as Ghost in the Shell and the previously-mentioned Great Wall.



The 2017 NZ Cinematographers Society Awards were presented on 14 October in Auckland.

The winners were:

Cinematographer of the year
Stuart Dryburgh NZCS ASC, The Great Wall

Al Guilford Emerging Cinematographer Award
Nina Wells, Auckward Love Season 2 Episode 4

Turtz Award for contribution to cinematography
NZCS Plaque
Brenden Holster

NZCS Accreditation
Accreditation Certificate
Crighton Bone NZCS
Kieran Fowler NZCS
Callan Green NZCS

Student films
David Melin, By the Sea
Jared James, Taonga
Michael Miller, Parasites
Danielle Sciascia, Maximillian The Great
Justin Rypma, The Loveliest Flower

Experimental and installation
Kieran Fowler, Rob Mills Architecture
Dale Bremner, Cave Hill
Dale Bremner, Lush Puppies

Music videos
Hamish Pattison, Fraser Ross: In the Rain
Dale Bremner, Golden
Kieran Fowler, Broadhurst: Bones
Kirk Pflaum, ASKE ft Ed Waaka: Found
Kieran Fowler, Bliss n Eso: Believe
Dale Bremner, Motions

News and current affairs
Phil Johnson, Malcom Rewa: To Catch A Killer
Arthur Rasmussen, Ruka’s War
Grant Findlay, Newshub Live at 6pm: Lost Gypsy
Phil Johnson, Private Business, Public Failure Episode 6: Another Way
Martin Anderson, Kaikohe
Braden Fastier, Nelson Mail Printing Press

Specialised Cinematography
Kina Scollay, Our Big Blue Backyard 2: White Island
Renaud Maire, Shortland Street Interactive Promo

Magazine, lifestyle and reality
Bevan Crothers, The Hard Stuff: Screenagers
Greg Parker, Neighbourhood: Whangarei
Bevan Crothers, Te Radar’s Chequered Past: The Burgess Gang
Tim Flower, Aupito: The High Chief

Corporate and educational
Dale Bremner, Telstra Classified Episode 1
Rob Marsh, Tiger Beer: Wok of Art
Clayton Carpinter, Lion Breweries

Short films
Dale Bremner, Baby Boy
Dale Bremner, Love Road
Andrew McGeorge, Do No Harm
Martyn Williams, The World In Your Window
Mark Lapwood ACS, The Coffin Club
Renaud Maire, Lani’s Space

Mike Kelland, Pecking Order
Kirk Pflaum, Farang
Bevan Crothers, AWA: Born This Way

Dramatised documentaries
Dave Cameron NZCS ACS, Pike River
John Cavill, Making of the Mob: Chicago
David Paul NZCS, Doubt: The Scott Watson Case

Lachlan Milne ACS, NZTA: Legend
Lachlan Milne ACS, TAC: Consequences
Martyn Williams, Ladbrokes
Lachlan Milne ACS, Beats By Dre: The Game Starts Here
John Toon NZCS ACS, Vinomofo: Decide
Crighton Bone, CBA

Thomas Burstyn NZCS CSC FRSA, Hell on Wheels Season 5 Episode 10: 61 Degrees
Aaron Morton NZCS, Orphan Black: From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths
Aaron Morton NZCS, American Gods: A Murder of Gods
Aaron Morton NZCS, Black Mirror: Playtest
David Paul NZCS, Hillary Episode 3
Nina Wells, Auckward Love Season 2 Episode 4

Ginny Loane, Jean
David Paul NZCS, Why Does Love: Dance Exponents
Dave Cameron NZCS ACS, Resolve
D J Stipsen, Bombshell

Crighton Bone, Pork Pie
Stuart Dryburgh NZCS ASC, The Great Wall
Leon Narbey NZCS, One Thousand Ropes
Aaron Morton NZCS, 6 Days
Lachlan Milne ACS, Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Kieran Fowler,Skinford

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