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NZFC finds 7 Fresh Shorts

Seven films have been offered funding from the November Fresh Shorts round, three at the $10,000 level, and four at the $30,000.

Among those scoring the higher level of support, Arrow is to be directed by Yamin Tun, whose short Wait (pictured, top) won the NZIFF’s NZ’s Best last year before going on to take two awards at Show Me Shorts. Hamish Mortland, who produced Roseanne Liang’s Sundance-premiered short Do No Harm, is also on board.

Chalk comes from Matasila Freshwater>. Her Shmeat was also a nominee for 2016’s NZ’s Best, and went on to take the Best Animated Short gong at Aussie festival A Night of Horror.

Matt Holmes’ Cuckoo is written by Kristi Barnett, a finalist in the Unproduced Feature category at last year’s SWANZ bash.

One of the directors on last year’s season of Find Me a Māori Bride, Jessica Sanderson, is supported for Ways to See. The short has Desray Armstrong, who produced award-winning shorts Ellen is Leaving and Meathead.

Longtime Gibson Group and more recently Candle Wasters producer Bevin Linkhorn will produce Finnius Teppett’s Democracy. Teppett’s play My Dad’s Boy was awarded at last year’s Adam NZ Play Awards.

The next Fresh Short application deadlines are 9 June and 3 November.

The films supported were:
Fresh 10
Behold! The Ghost
Writer / Director – Jesse Taylor Smith; Producer – David Goldthorpe
Writer / Director – Finnius Teppett; Producer – Bevin Linkhorn
Memory Foam
Writer / Director – Paloma Schneideman; Producer – Elspeth Grant

Fresh 30
Writer – Jodie Hillock; Director – Yamin Tun; Producers – Monica Mu and Hamish Mortland
Writer / Director – Matasila Freshwater; Producer – Thomas Coppell
Writer – Kristi Barnett; Director – Matt Holmes; Producer – Sam McCauley
Ways to See
Writer / Director – Jessica Sanderson; Producer – Desray Armstrong and Tweedie Waititi

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