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NZFC gives five a Boost

At the Big Screen Symposium on Sunday, Dave Gibson announced the five companies who’ll receive NZFC support under the Commission’s Boost scheme.

Kevin Stevens and Jason Stutter’s Centron Pictures, Emma Slade’s Firefly Films, Tom Hern’s Four Knights Film, Robin Scholes’ Jump Film and Television, and Vicky Pope’s Pop Film were named the recipients.

Intended as a on-off injection rather than the longer-running support offered under the Business Development Scheme, Boost offered $50,000 – $130,000 per applicant. The fund’s goal is to enable producers to move films from their slates more quickly into production. 50% of the sum awarded is to be spent on third party development costs, with the expectation that the total sum will be spent within 18 months.

Elsewhere in his BSS presentation, Gibson noted that there are currently 21 feature titles in production – an astonishing number compared with levels of activity in the industry only a couple of years ago. It also serves as a reminder that the dearth of NZ titles releasing this year is a sign of the production cycle not the state of the industry.

Stutter and Stevens created the international award-winning Careful with that… short films and upcoming supernatural thriller The Dead Room. Their slate is genre and high concept adventure films.

Slade has a focus on working with filmmakers who have a distinct voice. Last year Slade wona trip to the UK’s Production Finance Market from Melbourne’s 37°South. Her slate included Danny Mulheron’s The Love Of Humankind, Vincent Ward’s ANZ co-pro project Hannah & Rebecca.

Hern produced last year’s The Dark Horse and Everything We Loved. On his slate is Ireland-NZ co-pro feature The Long Way Home and Matt Murphy’s Pork Pie, a remake of father Geoff’s Goodbye Pork Pie.

Scholes is currently completing Lee Tamahori’s Mahana (fka The Patroit, even more formerly known as Bulibasha).

Pope has produced a wide range of critically acclaimed, award winning short films, documentary and film productions including Jess Feast’s Gardening With Soul, other half Rob Sarkies’ Two Little Boys and Juliette Veber’s Trouble is my Business.

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