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NZFC: more than one review

The review of the Film Commission is not yet complete. It appears a Ministry for Culture and Heritage staffer was a little too keen in publishing 30 September on the Ministry website as the date for its completion, and that the Minister wasn’t expecting to receive the report this week.

Certainly, when this writer called the Minister’s office on Wednesday to ask if the review had been received, the response we got was, “Is that happening today?”

David Court said earlier today that the review was now almost complete, and would be delivered to the Minister very shortly, although he pointed out that it would be the Minister’s decision if and when the report were made public.

Separate from the meetings that Messrs Court and Jackson conducted with interested parties during the review, the Ministry for Culture and Heritage held meetings with Maori, some of whom had met previously with David Court. Nga Aho Whakaari confirmed that it had met separately with David Court and ministry personnel and that other meetings taking place.

In part, the Ministry-led meetings were to seek responses on the Commission”s interactions with Maori. Some surprise has been expressed that no specific requirement for this made it into the review’s terms of reference as released here.

One specific issue the Ministry staff sought feedback on was the Film Commission”s Maori Responsiveness Strategy 2007 – 2008. The Film Commission confirmed that it had been requested to supply contact information for Maori personnel and organisations involved in filmmaking, and did so under the assumption that the Ministry was seeking information for its annual report to Te Puni Kōkiri (the Ministry of Maori Development).

Kath Ahukata-Brown, speaking at Script-to-Screen’s Writers Room on Tuesday evening, said that there was more than one review of the Commission happening at the moment. Ministry staff said yesterday that the Ministry was supplying the feedback from its own review to the reviewers.

David Court confirmed that the reviewers have had the benefit of additional material provided by the Ministry. For now, everyone has to hurry up and wait before finding out the results.

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