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NZFC in to win

The New Zealand Lotteries Grants Board (NZLGB) has announced a sweet little bonus for the New Zealand Film Commission (NZFC) and New Zealand Film Archive (NZFA).

falling dollars

Following the Grants Board allocation of $163 million of grants in July, from which the NZFC and NZFA received statutory funding, Lotteries benefitted from a record jackpot at the very end of the Financial Year.

Internal Affairs Minister Nathan Guy joined the celebrations at a special function yesterday to mark what has been a record-breaking profit year for Lotteries. He announced an additional $14.2 million of grants as a result of the late jackpot.

The extra funding for statutory bodies includes $2.1 million for Creative New Zealand and $994,000 for the NZFC, of which $71,000 is earmarked for the NZFA.

Deputy Chief Executive of the NZFC, Mladen Ivancic, said that the Board would consider how to allocate the additional funds at their next board meeting in mid-October. In the meantime, the money should rack up a few extra dollars in interest.