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NZIFF 2012 reveals old and new

The NZIFF has announced a few more titles ahead of next week’s Auckland launch, including the first NZ fiction feature to be revealed.

Regular V48 Hours competitors, Traces of Nut, will unleash their Make My Movie winner How To Meet Girls From A Distance as part of the festival. It won’t get a whole lot of screenings nor appear in all centres, but will receive a wider release later in the year.

Of the old titles, Hitchcock’s Blackmail will screen with the accompaniment of the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra. The 1929 film originally came in both silent and talkie versions, a foot in each camp as cinema made the first of a number of quantum leaps it’s taken over the last century.

The latest leap, that from 35mm to digital projection, comes under scrutiny in one of the newer titles announced, Christopher Kenneally’s Side By Side. And while it’s up to the minute in its review of new developments in cinema, it forgoes one of the longer-standing traditions, that of continuity, as interviewer Keanu Reeves changes his hairstyle more often than David Beckham over the course of interviews with directors and producers including James Cameron, George Lucas, Christopher Nolan and Martin Scorsese as well as a host of others.

The switch to digital exhibition is having other effects on the festival, as the proportion of films being delivered to the festival in digital formats is currently running ahead of the proportion of NZ screens equipped to handle them.

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