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The NZIFF trailer park

With the NZIFF opening its doors in Auckland this week, here’s the sofa-surfers sneak peek at the local titles … trailers for every feature title we could find.

James Napier Robertson’s The Dark Horse opens the NZIFF.

The Dark Horse trailer

Housebound has been tearing it up on the international festival circuit since its premiere at SXSW, most recently scoring a win in Switzerland.

Housebound trailer

Like Housebound, Paolo Rotondo’s Orphans & Kingdoms comes courtesy of Escalator.

Orphans & Kingdoms trailer

Everything We Loved explores an intriguing distributing strategy, playing here, there and everywhere all at once.

Everything We Loved trailer

We couldn’t find a trailer for Jonathan King’s REALITi, which was the final narrative feature selected. Among the docos, we were also unable to find trailers for notes to eternity and Tumanako/Hope.

Of the docos we could find trailers for, first up is Gerard Smyth’s portrait of octogenarian writer Jean Watson.

Aunty and the Star People trailer

Gavin Hipkins’ Erewhon is an essay, exploring the themes of satirist Samuel Butler’s Over the Range.

Erewhon trailer

Alister Barry & Abi King-Jones’ Hot Air continues the environmental theme, exploring NZ’s relationship with greenhouse gases and the so-called “fart tax”.

Hot Air trailer

Paora Joseph’s Te Awa Tupua: Voices from the River revisits the 1995 occupation of Pakaitore or Motua Gardens.

Te Awa Tupua: Voices from the River trailer

Paul Wolffram looks at the work of Richard Nunns in Voices of the Land Nga Reo o te Whenua.

Voices of the Land Nga Reo o te Whenua trailer

Coming full circle, Jim Marbrook made a documentary about Genesis Potini, also called The Dark Horse. His latest film explores environmental challenges nad independence in New Caledonia.

Cap Bocage trailer

In addition to the titles above, the NZIFF screens two programmes of shorts, the Wairo-curated Nga Whanaunga and the competitive NZ’s Best.

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