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NZWG loses head

Writers Guild Executive Director Steven Gannaway has resigned and will leave the post early next month.

Announcing Gannaway’s departure, NZWG President Pip Hall paid tribute, noting,

Steve has navigated us through fair weather and foul, protected and promoted, rescued and championed writers, and collaborated with organisations locally, nationally and internationally.

Thanks to his dedication and passion, Steve leaves the Guild in a much stronger and healthier place.

We wish Steve the very best of luck on his next adventures and are extremely thankful and grateful for the enormous contribution he has made to our organisation.

Gannaway’s last day will be 8 October, which means he gets to combine his leaving do with the SWANZ Writers Awards running that evening, which now risks losing its reputation as the industry’s most succinct awards event. There’ll be no shortage of attendees wishing Gannaway well after his eight years driving the guild forward, winning changes to funder policy such as providing seed funding directly to writers without producers clipping the ticket, enabling writers to continue to hold the title to their work further into the development process, and getting the SWANZ event up and running successfully.

Applications have opened for those wishing to fill Gannaway’s shoes. Tickets for SWANZ are available here – if you’re quick.

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