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NZWG spreads seed to four

The NZWG has announced Shoshana Sachidhanandam, Fiona Jackson & Daniel Fleming, and Stephen Kang as the awardees from the year’s first round of seed grants.

They were chosen from 52 applications, of which judges noted 11 “really stood out”. Judges Mhairead Connor, Matthew Horrocks and Leanne Saunders also noted that proof reading and mastering the basics of formatting were among the skills that some writers could use to “convey an understanding and professionalism”.

Wearing his professor hat, Fleming supervises Jackson’s thesis ‘Redefining Independent Filmmaking’ at the University of Waikato. Saunders produced Kang’s 2010 micro-budget feature Desert, which was selected for the Busan International film Festival.

The NZWG’s Seed Grants initiative is supported by the NZFC. The next application deadline is noon, 10 June.

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