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NZWG upgrades Seed scheme

The New Zealand Writers Guild (NZWG) and New Zealand Film Commission (NZFC) have made some changes to the NZWG Seed programme for 2017.

Seed grants will continue to be offered at the $10,000 level (including $2,500 for script consultancy). The addition of higher-value Seed Advanced grants will help reduce competition between emerging and more experienced writers. Seed Advanced grants will be worth $12,500 (including $2,500 for further development, including workshops, table reads, research and script consultancy).

Previously, the scheme has run over three rounds each year. This year. There’ll be two rounds, with the total number of grants available being eight (Seed) plus four (Seed Advanced).

Round 1 is now open, with the application deadline of noon, 2 June. Round 2 will be open from 25 August with the application deadline being noon, 20 October. All the info is here.

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