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Optomen makes new sales to TVNZ

Optomen International has done another deal with TVNZ, this time selling into NZ the first two series of Mary, Queen of Shops (4 x 60, 6 x 60). The deal also includes the 3-part spin-off, Mary, Queen of Charity Shops, or Op Shops as we know them.

The BBC screened the show in the UK. The BBC Press Office reports the show thus. “Retail guru Mary Portas helps independent fashion shop owners fight back against the all-consuming high street Goliaths.”

It then goes on to describe, at some length, a format identical to Tabitha’s Salon Takeover but with more clothes and less hair on the floor.

Recently Optomen concluded another deal with TVNZ, for Heston’s Feasts (4 x 60), which screened on the UK’s Channel 4. The series follows innovative chef (read: weird, self-taught food-scientist) Heston Blumenthal as he recreates recipes from Victorian, medieval and Tudor Britain and ancient Rome.

Optomen International is the distribution wing of Optomen TV, an independent production company, which has already brought you Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, The F Word and Jamie Oliver’s The Naked Chef.

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