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Out Takes audience awards announced

Some weeks after ending its run in Christchurch, the votes have been counted and the winners of the Best Feature, Documentary and Short are now known.

In a welcome break from the secrecy that often surrounds judging, festival organisers have announced the percentage of votes the winning films achieved. The fairly low percentages are indicative of diverse opinions and a strong field of contenders.

Nowhere was the race tighter than for Best Feature Film, which saw two titles receive the same number of votes, and 13% each of the total votes cast. Daniel Ribeiro’s Brazilian feature The Way He Looks was the runner-up with 11% of the vote. The joint winners for Best Film were Kate Johnston and Shauna MacDonald’s North American romance Tru Love and Diederik Ebbinge’s Dutch comedy Matterhorn.



The winner of the Short Film category, with an impressive 35% of the vote, screened with Matterhorn. Australian Christopher Stollery’s dik took the honour, with Vincent Fitz-Jim’s Dutch short Daniël, the runner-up with 15%.

In the Best Documentary category, biopics were the success stories. The 21% vote for Pratibha Parmar’s Alice Walker: Beauty In Truth held off Claire Beavan & Nick Stacey’s Codebreaker, about the life and suicide of father of the computer Alan Turing, which took 19%.

OutTakes has done its dash for 2014.

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