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Outlook for 2014

Sustainability filmmaking challenge the Outlook for Someday winds up for its 2014 programme. The nationwide workshop programme kicks off next month with submissions for the challenge closing in September.

Despite losing some profile with the disappearance of TVNZ’s digital only channels introduced in 2008, the Outlook for Someday has continued with its good work and achieved some notable successes here and overseas recently.

Over 1000 young people took part in last year’s challenge, spawning over 150 films. The challenge was eventually won by four Hillcrest High School students with Today is the Day.

The 2012 Outlook winner, Natasha Bishop’s Arboraceous, went on to compete at the Japan Wildlife Film Festival (JWFF) and play last month at Washington DC’s Environmental Film Festival, one of four NZ selections alongside Antarctica: A Year On Ice, Beyond the Edge 3D and Thin Ice.



The workshop programme and challenge are run by Connected Media. Registration for the workshop programme is now open. Films made for the challenge must be submitted by 12 September.

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