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Over the Moon with festival win

James Cunningham’s Over the Moon took the Coup de Coeur gong in Tahiti on the weekend.

Over The Moon

“I knew I should’ve gone,” said Cunningham this morning.

Court des Îles (or the International Festival of Short Fiction Films from the Islands of the World: Courts des Îles, to give it the very un-court mouthful) runs in Papeete and has the unusual entry criteria of only accepting films by directors who were born on an island. It is, therefore, a good target for Kiwis, Aussies, Brits, Icelanders, the Irish and Mauritians – although only one of those made the cut this year.

The festival “wishes to highlight island sensitivities from all over the world”. This year’s edition of the festival (the second) presented 26 films in competition, of which Cunningham’s Over the Moon was one. Four Aussie titles also made the competition selection although none left with awards.

In the festival’s animation programme, one other title with NZ pedigree was selected: Matthew Darragh’s An Ode to Love. Darragh is NZ-born, but currently plies his trade in Ireland at Brown Bag Films, which produced the short. Brown Bag is well-known in Europe and the US for its work on TV adapations of well-known kids’ properties including Penguins’ recent reimagining of Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit.

An Ode to Love

An Ode to Love

The Court des Îles winners were:

Grand Jury Prize
Pablo Fajardo, We Are Nobody (Canary Islands)

Screenplay Prize
Mark Tehnsuko, They Call Me The Kid (England)

Prize “Coup De Coeur” #1
James Cunningham, Over The Moon (New Zealand)

Prize ”Coup De Coeur” #2
Gino Jose, Basaan (Philippines)

Special Award for Animated Films
Daniel Greaves, Mr Plastimime (England)

First Film Prize
Birnir Sigurdsson, Heimanám (Iceland).
Special Mention: Hina Leia Chang Soi, No Te Hope’araa (French Polynesia)

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