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Peace, Love and Understanding

Napier transmedia company AWA has a new show online. The Real debuted Monday.

AWA Transmedia's <em>The Real</em>

AWA Transmedia’s The Real

AWA (Aroha, Whanau, Awhinatanga, or Love, Family, Community Support) targets the millennials with The Real, which is pretty much entirely social media based. Available to view on Facebook and YouTube, and promoted via social media and word of mouth, the show is billed as a “contemporary talk show, designed for the youth of Aotearoa”.

Mixing national and local guests, the show skews possibly towards a regional audience but, courtesy of the internet, aims everywhere. Producer, composer and former Upper Hut Posse member DLT guested on the first show. The Real is presently rolling out new episode weekly.

AWA pays the bills with conventional video work, corporate and other forms, but has a strong community focus. The company is run by Laurie O’Reilly, Hayley Osterfield (whom some will know from her time at MTS and Sky) and musician Tipene Harmer.