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Peter O’Donaghue for mentorship

The Directors & Editors Guild of NZ (DEGNZ) has announced Peter O’Donaghue as the recipient of its International Editor Mentorship, with Oscar-nominated and Emmy Award-winning American documentary editor Doug Blush.

O’Donaghue is well known for his work with NZ director Florian Habicht. Their first film together wasLand of the Long White Cloud, Love Story, Pulp: a Film about Life, Death and Supermarkets and are currently working on Spookers. O’Donaghue won Best Editor at the 2011 New Zealand Film & Television Awards fir his work on Love Story.

“I’m thrilled at the prospect of working with someone as prolific and talented as Doug,” said O’Donaghue. “His output is gargantuan and his passion for the craft is truly invigorating. Needless to say I plan to squeeze all I can from this great opportunity.”

Blush was supervising editor on Oscar-winning doco 20 Feet From Stardom. He’s edited around 30 mostly doco titles, including Oscar nominated The Invisible War.

“I’m very excited to work with Peter O’Donaghue,” said Blush. “We immediately bonded, talking about our mutual appreciation for great storytelling in documentary and challenging and pushing the genre to try new techniques and ideas in editorial and much more.”

The mentorship is an industry professional development initiative funded by the New Zealand Film Commission and managed by DEGNZ. The overall intention of the International Editor Mentorship is to inspire a promising New Zealand editor and demystify the international film industry. The experience offers genuine insight into creative process and engagement with the industry as a whole, while providing a solid platform upon which to build an international career.

“Doug and Peter seemed like the ideal match for a mentorship, with each being at major points in their careers,” said Tui Ruwhiu, Executive Director of DEGNZ. “We are excited to see where Peter goes with the knowledge, expertise and career advice that Doug brings in documentary filmmaking.”

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