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PikPok heads to the casino

Gamblit Gaming, 15 August 2016: Gamblit Gaming, the leading publisher for real-money and skill-based gaming in mobile and land based casinos, today announced a strategic collaboration with PikPok, a New Zealand based videogame publisher, to join forces on two of its successful mobile titles. Into the Dead, the wildly popular First-Person Runner depicting a zombie apocalypse that has been downloaded more than 60M times and Breakneck, the high-octane futuristic racer with over 5M downloads, will be enhanced with real-money gaming elements. Both titles are set to launch on casino floors in 2017.

“I am beyond excited to introduce these legendary titles to the real-money gaming market and revolutionize casino floors,” said Darion Lowenstein, Chief Marketing Officer, Gamblit Gaming. “Personally, I am a huge fan of both zombie and racing games and love the idea of being able to win money on the casino floor for shooting zombies in the face and winning lightning fast races. We are thrilled to partner with PikPok and add Into the Dead and Breakneck to Gamblit’s growing portfolio of games offering incredible hits fans already love in the modern arcade – the casino.”

“Throughout our history, PikPok has eagerly pursued new market and platform opportunities,” said Mario Wynands, Managing Director, PikPok. “Gamblit Gaming has provided the ideal way for us to enter the land-based casino market, allowing us to ensure the quality of our games and to engage consumers on our own terms. We are excited about the partnership and to see our games help revolutionize the space.”

As the leading innovator of real money and skill gaming, Gamblit Gaming develops and publishes a wide variety of games that bring a casual, arcade sense of fun and skill into the casino market. Gamblit Gaming also works closely with game developers to gamblify and publish their games into new markets, tapping into the lucrative revenue streams of real money mobile gaming and land-based casinos. Gamblit Gaming provides all of the technology, gambling expertise, operations, account management, security, gambling licenses, regulations and compliance elements needed. The company also helps casino operators deliver a new entertainment experience to not only attract new players, but retain existing users. Through Gamblit Gaming, casino operators can compete on innovation while driving growth and revenue.

For more information on Gamblit Gaming and their partners, please visit: www.gamblitgaming.com.

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