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PikPok not kicking for touch

PikPok, the Wellington based spin-off from Sidhe, has released the first titles in its new Flick Kick? line of iPhone sports games. Flick Kick Aussie Rules and Flick Kick Rugby allow players to experience the addictive excitement of kicking goals in their respective sports.

“There are millions of Rugby and Aussie Rules Football fans around the world and the Flick Kick line will be the first that lets them experience the excitement of kicking goals and being on the pitch in their favorite sports,” said Jos Ruffell, manager of the PikPok label. “By offering multiple quality titles that reach passionate sports fans, Flick Kick is set to give players an outlet to participate in the scoring aspects of the games anytime, anywhere.”

After Sidhe’s experience creating the rugby league games, they believed it would be simple to create the new games. They were proved right as the games were developed in a little over a month. A further incentive to get the ideas to market quickly was that there were no Aussie Rules games available for the iPhone market, so the market was very open.

PikPok is looking at expanding the format to include other sports, such as American Football, which would be a similar gameplay experience to the Rugby and Rules games, although one with a different fan-base, and to football (or soccer, if you must), which would introduce a new element – a goalkeeper.

If the football game is successful, it would open the door towards hockey, ice hockey, lacrosse and a range of other minority sports, all of which have small – but passionate – fan-bases.

The games feature Intuitive Flick Kicking, Realistic Field with 360 degree wind with shifting severity, Online Leaderboards, Multiple Game Modes including Sudden Death, Arcade Mode, Time Attack: Quick Fire Flick Kicking and Practice Mode.

For more information on the games, please visit PikPok. The games are available now via Apple’s App Store for $1.99 each.

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