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Pirates afloat

Despite a solid lead-in from Radar Across the Pacific (398,340), Pirates of the Airwaves last night faced fairly stiff competition from blockbuster features on both TV2 and TV3.

The Commonwealth Games, currently in Glasgow, has also disrupted viewing habits during the last week. TV2’s The Avengers was seen by 208,270, TV3’s Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol by 173,020

Pirates of the Airwaves

Pirates of the Airwaves

Pirates performed better than either of the features, with 255,640. It was also a better performance than Lippy’s Field Punishment No 1, which aired in April 220,850 – and didn’t even make it into the top five programmes for the evening for TV One. A repeat screening this year of Lippy’s Tangiwai – A Love Story in January, one of the softest months for ratings, drew almost 224,500 viewers. Tangiwai’s original 2011 outing drew (in the same Sunday Theatre slot as Pirates) was watched by 636,840.

The Hauraki story also had a large screen outing earlier in the year in the shape of Craig Newland’s 3 Mile Limit. The film received multiple selections and awards on the international festival circuit, especially in the US. Here, despite considerable promotional support from Hauraki’s owner, the Radio Network, it performed horribly and closed having taken just $67,055.

Pirates of the Airwaves trailer

Pirates of the Airwaves was supported by NZ On Air’s Platinum Fund with funding of $900,000.

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