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Place Your Bets

The HP48Hours Grand National Finalists line up later this week, when the wheat will be sorted from the chaff and monkeys made losers and presented to winners. Past winners oif the country’s least reverent film competition include Taika Waititi (Hunt for the Wilderpeople) TheDownLowConcept (7Days) and Gerard Johnstone (Housebound).

Every year, Sir Peter Jackson, the long-standing patron of the event, chooses his slate of “wildcard” finalists. He has noted the ability of the competition to uncover passionate and skilled new filmmakers.

This year’s Grand Finalists include two teams (Viva La Dirt League and Haynesfilm) who were granted Skip Ahead funding, and presented with NZ On Air’s Brenda Leeuwenberg about that scheme at the weekend’s #NZWF16.

Competition Organiser since 2003, Ant Timpson, says, “This year’s international judges were impressed by the standard of the finalists and the way the competition unearths and encourages the next storytellers of New Zealand”. (Judges are listed below)

Past and present 48Hours films are available to view here: http://www.48hours.co.nz/screening-room/2016/auckland/

The HP48Hours 2016 Grand Champion wins a $100,000+ prize including cash, goods and services from HP, the NZFC, Wingnut Films, Bespoke Audio, Curious Films, Digital Pigeon, Moxio, Northwestern Digital, and Professional Lighting Services.
There are also substantial prizes for Runners Up and category winners, The full list is here.

The Grnad National final runs 7:30pm on Friday (25 November) at The Civic, Auckland.
Buy tickets here.

This year’s finalists are”
(Time) Travel Centre – Chillybox – Time Travel Movie
Dazza and Bazza: Kiwi Dad Detectives – Squint Eastwood – Mystery Movie
Text Back – Chess Club – Rom-Com Movie
The Painter – Traces of Nut – Horror Move

A Bro’s Life – Rubber Soul Production – Bro or Bechdel Movie
A Disabled Account – NZBS Pig’s Guts Films – Mistaken Identity Movie
Bromancing The Stone – Team Indeed – Bro or Bechdel Movie
Charity Run – Viva La Dirt League – Lovers on the Run Movie
Charlie Loves Me Most – Rambunctious Gumption – One-Location Movie
Down to the Wire – TBALC Alpha – Bro or Bechdel Movie
Finest Creation – Angle3 Pictures – Puppet Movie
Ghostfish: Catfished By A Ghost – Prime Rib – Horror Movie
LOVE.EXE – Bork! – Rom-Com Movie
Mahnamana – Haynesfilm Bunch – Puppet Movie
Roller – PickleThugs – Comedy of Errors Movie
Suede – Couch Kumaras – Mystery Movie
The Thread – Big Picture Minor Deets – Horror Movie
Wellingtopia – Lovely Bongo Drums – Dystopian Movie
Clark Collis (Snr Writer : Entertainment Weekly)
Brad Schiff (Ani Supervisor Kubo & The Two Strings)
Tom Hern (Prod: The Dark Horse)
Mukpuddy, (Barefoot Bandits)
Antony Starr (official) (Actor Banshee)
Jordan Hoffman (Writ: The Guardian)
Amy Nicholson (Writer MTV)
Jen Yamato (Writ: Daily Beast)
Gabe Van Amburgh (Programmer SXSW)
Kate Alexis Elliott (Act : Jean)
Cushla Dillon (Editor : A Flickering Truth)
Ted Geoghegan (Dir:We Are Still Here)
Nicole Dade (Consultant)
Phil Blankenship (Prog: New Beverly Cinema)
Guy Lavallee (NorthwestFest)
Andrew Beattie & Vanessa Hurley (Spfx/Makeup/Hair : Deathgasm)
Karl Steven (Composer : 800 Words
BigPop Music, (Composers) 
Annick Mahnert (Fantastic Fest)
Tristan & Kiah Roache-Turner (Wrymwood)
Hugues Barbier (Ithaca Film Fest)
Richard Beer (PDX Filmworks)
Dylan Skolnick(Dir: CinemaArts Centre NYC)
Shelagh Rowan-Legg (Sight & Sound)
Jay Morong (Charlotte Film Festival)
Logan Ann Taylor (Asst Prog SXSW)
Sir Peter Jackson, who chose his WildCard films

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