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Poisoning Paradise wins in Japan

Poisoning Paradise – Ecocide New Zealand has won the “Conservation Advocacy Award” at the Japan Wildlife Film Festival, held at the weekend.

The Graf Brothers' Poisoning Paradise

The Graf Brothers’ Poisoning Paradise

Included in the judges comments was…”We have no choice but to face this film honestly. We, human beings now must pay respects to precious lives other than humans! Otherwise, we will also become extinct. The detailed facts that are documented in this film will touch our hearts heavily over and over.”

It’s not the first time Poisoning Paradise has won an award. The documentary won Best International Film – Environment and Ecology – at the International Film Festival Ireland in 2010, and Best Film – Environment and Ecology – at the Heart of England International Film Festival, also last year.

“We’d like to see Poisoning Paradise screened on national tv, along with one of the many DoC and AHB films that advocate for 1080 use. That would be a balanced, and fair way of presenting both sides of this urgent issue, to the people of New Zealand. At the moment, the public are only getting one side of the story, and in my opinion, that’s to everyones’ detriment, including our wildlife’s,” said Clyde Graf.

The makers of the film – Waikato brothers Steve and Clyde Graf – made the documentary in response to what they say is the huge amount of 1080 poison dropped across New Zealand forests, every year. They say it was important to highlight the dangers, the extensive evidence of harm and animal cruelty, that are associated with aerial 1080 poison drops.

“Poisoning Paradise is an accumulation of facts, science and testimonies from scientists, farmers, and experts from all across New Zealand. Every minute of the film is important, and accurate,” said Steve Graf.

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