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Pork Pie to hit road

Four Knights, Auckland, 8 March 2016: A modern reimagining of the Kiwi classic Goodbye Pork Pie is set to begin filming across New Zealand with Matt Murphy, son of the original film’s director, Geoff Murphy, announced as the reboot’s director.    
As a fifteen-year-old, Matt worked as a lighting assistant on the original, earning a $50 per week back in 1979. Since serving his apprenticeship on this and a number of other early kiwi films, Matt carved out an illustrious career in television commercials in both Australia and New Zealand. Pork Pie marks Matt’s directorial feature film debut.
“From working on Dad’s original film as a kid, to now gearing up to direct the 2016 version, it’s incredible to have come full circle with this story and the Blondini gang”, says Matt. “The reboot will be set today – with a new gang of Blondinis and the eclectic bunch of Kiwi characters they meet on the road. Of course, there will be plenty of nods to the original too. It’s going to be a wild and chaotic ride, and I can’t wait to get shooting.”
Original director Geoff Murphy is proud to confirm Matt will continue the journey he began over 35 years ago.
“When we made the original film in 1979, I never imagined it would inspire a new telling of the story some thirty five years later, let alone with one of my sons directing,” says Geoff. “We granted the adaptation rights to Matt with our absolute blessing. We’re chuffed that the Blondini legacy is to be continued.”

Off the back of his success on the multi-award-winning, The Dark Horse, Producer Tom Hern has boarded the yellow Pork Pie Mini and is excited to bring the film to a new audience.  
“After producing two dramas back to back (The Dark Horse and Everything We Loved), I’m amped to be making a fun,  high-octane, Kiwi action/comedy with loads of heart and underdog fighting spirit,” says Hern. “Being an accidental outlaw on the run in 2016 is a different prospect from what it was back then. But that wild sense of adventure, rebellion and breaking free from conformity that was so strong in Geoff’s original, is just as appealing today as it was back then.  We’re loving working with that energy.”
The project will be a family affair beyond Geoff and Matt’s father/son connection, with a number of other members of the Murphy clan involved.  Geoff’s oldest son Paul helped with early scripting ideas, his daughter Robin (who also worked on the original movie) is on board as Location Manager, with another son Miles directing the 2nd Unit. Family members of the late great Kiwi actor and Goodbye Pork Pie co-star Bruno Lawrence are also on board: Bruno’s daughter Veronique will act as Script Supervisor with his granddaughter Lily as the Art Department Coordinator. 
Studiocanal will distribute the film in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, France, Germany and a number of other territories. “We are thrilled to be a part of Matt’s team to distribute the rebooted version of a NZ loved classic. We look forward to the crazy and exciting ride that Pork Pie will bring to this new generation. In NZ Cinemas Summer 2016/2017,” says Elizabeth Trotman (CEO of Australia and New Zealand)
Timothy White (The Dark Horse, Two Hands) is Executive Producing the film.  Alan Harris (Dean Spanley) is also an Executive Producer.   
Pork Pie is being produced by Four Knights Film in association with the New Zealand Film Commission, NZ On Air, Random Films, Augusto, Park Road Post Production, Treehouse Films and Southern Light Films.

Image (top): Matt (l) and Geoff Murphy

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