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POW signs Korean co-pro deal

Wellington’s POW is today signing a co-production agreement with Korea’s XrisP for Nori Roller Coaster Boy. Once the paperwork is complete, it’s expected to become the first official co-production under the treaty with the Republic of Korea. Like Beast of Burden, the first feature across the official co-pro line with China, Nori is an animated title.

POW began working with Xris Sohn of XrisP earlier this year. Nori Roller Coaster Boy is a children’s television series created by Xris Sohn (South Korea). York Studios (China) contracted to provide the animation. POW is managing all aspects of the production chain, from casting to final product. Part of the deal was announced in July.

Voice-recording for the first 26 episodes has been completed. POW has commissioned original music for the series and is overseeing all editing and the sound mix. POW has successfully implemented cloud-based media management and review processes to ensure a smooth workflow.

The series is due to be launched in South Korea, March 2017. European sales have been secured by Mondo TV of Italy. The first episode is being screened on Amazon Prime.

This ground-breaking NZ$1.5 million co-production contract between POW and XrisP opens the door for future collaboration utilising the creative talents of both companies. Xris Sohn is already at work on further seasons of Nori Roller Coaster Boy and a feature film script which tells the story of Nori’s parents. POW will continue to work with XrisP on these upcoming productions.

“POW is part of a network of creative companies based in Miramar, Wellington, home to some of the finest filmmakers and artistic talent in the industry,” said John McKay, POW’s CEO. “POW looks for high quality offshore productions to combine with the wealth of talent available in Wellington. We are thrilled to be partnering with Xris and his wonderful Korean team!”

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