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Power Rangers freshly incentivised

Changes to the incentive schemes deliver more work to Auckland. Power Rangers’ tenth season to shoot in Auckland, Power Rangers Dino Charge, is set to go with even more NZ participation than usual.

Power Rangers Dino Charge

L-R, the cast of Power Rangers Dino Charge: James Davies (Black), Yoshi Sudarso (Blue), Brennan Mejia (Red), Camille Manning Hyde (Pink) and Michael Taber (Green) with Executive Producer Chip Lynn
Photo: Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Saban Brands

The show is offering writing and directing internships, applications for the latter of which closed on Monday. At a US event on the weekend, Saban announced a NZ actor as one of the morphing teens for Power Rangers Dino Charge. James Davies aka Brenan Davies, who’s previously had small roles in Kaitangata Twitch and Legend of the Seeker, will be the first NZ actor to play one of the superheroes.

Each of those moves helps the production satisfy the criteria for “significant economic benefits to New Zealand” which in turn bump the NZ Screen Production Grant contribution from 20% to 25% of qualifying local spend.

“Having up-and-coming New Zealand talent actively participating in the creative process is something we value highly and forms part of a long-term strategy to develop New Zealand expertise, with an eye to future development of New Zealand IP,” said NZFC CEO Dave Gibson in a statement.

Sally Campbell, who’s produced several previous series of Power Rangers as well as Legend of the Seeker and Evil Dead, returns to produce the series with Saban’s Brian Casentini.

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