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Power Rangers morphin back to big screen

Power Rangers owner Saban Brands has partnered with Lionsgate to revitalise the Power Rangers brand through what both parties hope will be a successful film franchise.

The camp crusaders had their first outing in 1993. They’ve so far run up 17 TV series, the latest to go into production being Power Rangers Dino Charge, and 1995 and 1997 movie spin-offs.

The brand does have a long-running and very successful licensing programme, which is part of the appeal for Lionsgate. If the licensing programme is a success, that’s because people are buying merchandise. There’s nothing like an existing fanbase to help kick off a successful film franchise, as Lionsgate understands from its involvement with The Hunger Games, Twilight and Divergent, the second title of which goes into production next month.

Power Rangers

It’s morphin time!

Given Power Rangers long association with New Zealand as a production base, the country’s attraction officers will be promoting the recently-improved incentive schemes to try to secure production of the Power Rangers films.

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