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Prime is Making New Zealand

Top Shelf’s Making New Zealand: Power hits smaller screens on Sunday, part of a series which tells “the incredible stories of the men and women who built our nation from the ground up”.

The series is the compelling tale of building NZ’s major infrastructure projects: hydroelectric dams, railways, roads and ports.

Making New Zealand

Learning Village People routines was a popular pastime at smoko

Power, as its name suggests, tells the story of generating and delivering electricity from often remote and rugged locations to the cities and towns. It tells the story of the politics and the controversies behind these big projects: the Cook Straight Cable, Save Manapouri and the Clyde Dam. Power also celebrates the workers whose brains and brawn helped modernise our country.

Making New Zealand

Not a joke – it nearly happened

Brett Corlett did the research and shares a few of the gems discovered along the way – although he didn’t supply the captions.

Making New Zealand

The OSH representative was off sick last Thursday

Making New Zealand was supported by NZ On Air’s Platinum Fund. Power screens 8.30pm on Sunday 1 June as part of the Prime Presents season.

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