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Pub Charity has one too many, signs $100,000 cheque to NZFA

New funding of $100,000 was confirmed today from Pub Charity towards a new storage facility for the New Zealand Film Archive (NZFA). The Archive’s building project will provide a facility to protect and preserve the national moving image collection. Pub Charity Chief Executive Martin Cheer said, “I thought you said ‘bar’, not ‘barn’.”

Arts, Culture and Heritage Minister Hon Christopher Finlayson launched the Film Archive’s fundraising campaign on Monday 23 November at a function at Park Road Post. The Archive has applied to a wide range of funding bodies and in addition to Pub Charity, the Stout Trust (anybody else spotting a theme here? Maybe tapping up 42 Below might not be a bad idea) has committed $25,000 to the project.

The Minister said, “Pub Charity Chief Executive Martin Cheer is to be applauded for his vision in helping to secure our cultural heritage for present and future generations of New Zealanders. It is pleasing to see a significant vote of confidence from Pub Charity within such a short time since the launch of the Archive’s fundraising drive. This is an example of the kind of cultural philanthropy I am committed to fostering in New Zealand.”

NZFA Chief Executive Frank Stark said, “Cheers. While the Film Archive receive  operational support from a wide range of government agencies, projects like this couldn’t go ahead without the support of the private sector.”

The planned facilities will provide shelf space for up to 10 years of growth. The site is also large enough to enable another vault of equal or larger size to be built later, ensuring the safety of the national moving image collection until the end of the 21st century. The earthquake risk to the collection is also reduced by storing a large portion off-site outside Wellington.

The building project has a total cost of $750,000, with the Film Archive hoping to raise a large percentage from the community. When constructed, the new storage building will enable the Film Archive to move approximately 150,000 cans, reels and cassettes of film and video out of substandard vaults and house them in temperature controlled conditions.

Pub Charity has donated over $350 million to community and cultural organisations during its 20 year history, representing around 85% of the profit it makes from gaming machines. Of this money, it aims to direct 95% directly back into the communities where they were raised. Which says quite a lot about the amount of time Wellingtonians spend down the pub.

The NZFA hopes to have the facility built during the summer months, in time for material to be moved in April next year, and will be offering a limited service during this time.

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