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Quickflix back in the spotlight

Quickflix, Auckland, 1 December 2016: Quickflix, NZ’s original movie and TV streaming service, has announced the first of many highly-anticipated changes to its legacy digital movie streaming business with today’s launch of Quickflix Access and Quickflix Red Carpet, new products that will bring the latest Hollywood movies and exclusive entertainment and other benefits to Kiwi movie fans.
Quickflix Access allows users to sign up for free and watch latest release movies on a “pay-as-you-go” basis. Quickflix Red Carpet users get all the benefits of Quickflix Access along with pre-paid discount credits to watch several new release movies each month, as well as access to bonus movies and TV shows from the Quickflix subscription catalogue. Current subscribers will be able to keep their existing plan or adopt the new plans at any time.
Quickflix Access and Quickflix Red Carpet launch in conjunction with the release of Disney’s mega-blockbuster Finding Dory, now available on Quickflix many months before any subscription streaming service in New Zealand. Quickflix will also run exclusive competitions for Red Carpet members, offering the chance to win trips to red carpet events in Hollywood.
Quickflix NZ has also announced the appointments of Paddy Buckley, Erik Pence and Vaughn Smith as new directors of the company. Erik Pence and Vaughn Smith are Hollywood veterans with over 20 years’ each of technical, content and marketing experience who have taken charge of Quickflix in Australia and are now setting their sights on New Zealand. The appointment of Paddy Buckley reaffirms his remit to develop Quickflix NZ into an exciting and innovative new streaming service, differentiated from others in the market.
“We’re excited about Paddy’s plans for New Zealand and the launch of Quickflix Red Carpet, which will be New Zealand’s best, and most widely accessible destination to get the absolute newest Hollywood releases every single week at an incredible value,” said Erik Pence.
Mr. Buckley, who has been with Quickflix NZ since its launch in 2012, observes how these new programs differentiate Quickflix from its competitors: “Our new plans for New Zealand mean that Quickflix members do not have to join a subscription service and still wait months to get access to the newest movies. These new plans are our first significant step towards building the most competitive digital movie rental service around. Kiwis have always been under-served when it comes to the latest and best entertainment, but not anymore — Quickflix will be the most fun way for all Kiwis to get the movies they want more quickly and at a better value than anywhere else. We’re just getting started.”
About Quickflix NZ
Quickflix is New Zealand’s original movie streaming service. 

Quickflix offers its members exclusive access to entertainment deals, as well as the newest Hollywood blockbuster movies to stream on a wide range of devices and one-of-a-kind opportunities you can’t get anywhere else. 

Quickflix also operates in Australia, providing both digital streaming and DVD home delivery services. 

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