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Rebuild Christchurch

Rebuild Christchurch, 10 February 2016: Your Story is a web-based service giving residents a chance to share their stories of how they have got through the different issues faced in the recovery of Christchurch.
Deon Swiggs of Rebuild Christchurch says that as the city reaches the five year mark of the anniversary of the February 22 earthquake, many people start to reflect on what has happened over the previous years.
“All of us have had many different experiences, some good, some not so good, some easily solvable and others have been a challenge and many may not be over yet as we navigate the recovery processes,” says Swiggs.
“By sharing our stories of issues, challenges, successes and lessons learned, it may just help someone who is going through similar experiences,” he says.
Disaster recovery clinical psychologist Dr Rob Gordon has advised that people should look for opportunities to talk, write, share, tell stories, compare how others are doing and make sure you are part of a larger community.
“The Your Story service is a place where people can write and share those stories and compare how they are going on a popular web platform dedicated to the Christchurch Rebuild,” says Swiggs.
The project was inspired by the numerous forums where people have shared experiences offline.  This brings it online and accessible to anyone, at any time – making it a powerful resource.  
“We have become a city that has learnt to support our neighbours in times of need,” says Swiggs.  “It was evident so much after the earthquakes when strangers helped strangers.”
“The Your Story service will continue that legacy where others who share their ways through will help others with hope that they too can get through,” says Swiggs.
To view and contribute to Your Story go to rebuildchristchurch.co.nz/Your-Story/Home