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Reel Brazil: the summer starts here

Celebrating the 100th birthday of the iconic 1940s Brazilian star, Carmen Miranda, the first Reel Brazil Film Festival (RBFF) sambas, sashays and generally smooches its way into Te Papa at the end of the month, bringing four days of feature films, documentaries, animation and music, plus two spectacular festas. This could be your best chance of the year to dress like a fruit cocktail and get away with it.

The festival will screen classics from the Brazilian cinema, as well as recent productions and an animation programme from the new wave of films being produced in Brazil. The inaugural RBFF pays tribute to Samba and the Brazilian Carnaval; from its traditional roots through to its Hollywood 1940s and 1950s flair and glory of Carmen Miranda, all the way to today’s lively Carnaval in the streets of Rio de Janeiro and Bahia.

Less flamboyantly, the festival will also screen the documentary Pirinop, My First Contact about Brazil’s indigenous Ikpeng people. From their homeland in a remote corner of the Amazon, the film explores their surprisingly recent first contact with the outside world in 1964. Pirinop director, Mari Correa, will speak at the screening.

Correa is also the co-director of the NGO Video in the Villages, which provides video equipment and training to indigenous groups, allowing them to record their images and experiences.

Mari is interested in connecting with New Zealand filmmakers that have worked with indigenous themes while she’s here. If this is you, please email if you would like to meet with her.

Tickets for screenings cost $12.00 ($10.00 concessions). For more information on the programme, ticket sales and festa locations visit the website.

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