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Richard Green smooches up to World Record

Richard Green’s winning entry into the 2012 London Screenwriter’s Festival competition has landed him a name-check in the Guinness Book of World Records as one of 51 co-writers who now hold the record for the film with the most co-writers credited.

50 Kisses has knocked off its perch 1943 US film Forever and a Day, whose paltry 21 screenwriters included Alfred Hitchcock. So says the media release, anyway.

As well as a Guinness crown, 50 Kisses also lays claim to being “the first crowd funded, crowd written, crowd created and crowd distributed film in history”.

Green’s script for The Last Supper delivers one of those fifty lip-locks. Once named as one of the 50 shorts selected for the compendium from 1870 entries, Green did make his own segment, but so did others. 127 versions of the 50 shorts were submitted, and Green’s missed out.

Kissable: Richard Green

Kissable: Richard Green

His 2008 Te Whare had more success, screening in a number of international festivals and earning awards from the Northampton International Film Festival, the STEPS international Human Rights Film Festival and the Hawaii International Film Festival.

50 Kisses was released on Valentine’s Day, with a single preview screening generating an impressive £9,436.35 or cNZ$19,000.

For the benefit of young players, here’s competition creator and executive producer Chris Jones’ instructive explanation of where that money went.

Many of the segments from 50 Kisses can be watched here.

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It seemed to this writer that, even if nothing else had surpassed the number of screenwriters on Forever and a Day in the last 70-odd years, surely the Ant Timpson-produced ABCs of Death must have held the record at least briefly.

But apparently not.

ABCs credits only 19 writers on IMDb, although 15 of the film’s 26 letter segments have no writer credited.