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RIP Chris Thomson

Wellington-born Thomson produced some of NZ’s early small screen dramas, including Double Exposure and A Game for Five Players and NZ’s first serialised drama, The Alpha Plan .

Thomson left NZ to work in the UK and later settled in Australia, where he directed for a number of well-known TV series including A Country Practice and Flipper plus various telemovies and miniseries, including the telemovie The Rainbow Warrior Conspiracy which partly shot in Auckland.

His highest-profile feature was The Delinquents. A project designed to capitalise on Kylie Minogue’s musical success, it received the critical response many such projects do. Despite that, it was 1989’s highest-earning Australian title and so achieved its aim.

The Rainbow Warrior Conspiracy and The Delinquents were both shot by Andrew Lesnie, who also died earlier this year.

Thomson never won an award for his work in Australia, although Australian TV dramas he directed including Waterfront won a number of Logies.

Chris Thomson died on 1 July in Sydney, following a stroke. He was 70. His funeral will take place on Friday 10 July 10 in Balmain, Sydney.

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