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RSVP Productions: wins EEO Award

RSVP Productions was awarded the 2009 Equal Employment Opportunities Trust (EEO) Work and Life Award for workplace diversity at a ceremony in Auckland on Thursday night.

Founded by documentary maker Robyn Scott-Vincent, RSVP Productions produces the Sunday morning TV One programme Attitude, which last month received NZ On Air funding for its sixth series (40 x 30 minutes), to screen next year.

The EEO Work and Life Awards, now in their 12th year, celebrate organisations that actively invest in their businesses by investing in diverse workforces.

When the company started making Attitude five years ago, New Zealand didn’t appear to have any young presenters, producers or editors with disabilities, despite the fact that one in five New Zealanders live with disability. Since then the company has sought to turn its presenters into role models for the disability sector in New Zealand.

“Unemployment is a huge issue for New Zealanders who live with a disability. They struggle to find supportive employers [who] are missing out on making their workplace a much richer place,” said Robyn.

RSVP Productions strives to ensure its production crew face no physical barriers and provides workplace flexibility. Employees who need to work from home from time to time are provided with technical support, made possible in part by Government equipment grants.

The production company now has a team of 11 that includes four people who are quadriplegic, one person who is a paraplegic and another who has cerebral palsy.