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Scammers get bad name in District 9

With no apparent sense of irony or shame, a Nigerian Minister has advised the Federal Government to lodge a strong protest through the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria about the portrayal of Nigerians “as criminals” in District 9.

Minister of Information and Communications, Prof. Dora Akunyili, is the driving force behind the Rebrand Nigeria campaign, so it’s perhaps not surprising she didn’t like the movie.

She addressed the staff of the Nigeria Film Corporation on Monday, saying, “Nigerians were depicted in the movie as belonging to a ruthless criminal gang led by a cripple called Obasanjo.” (Obasanjo is an ex-president of Nigeria.)

“The film also showed Nigerian ladies indulge in sex with non-humans. It also says Nigerians feed on human parts and that we believe in the powers of ritual and voodoo.”

Perhaps Minister Akunyili would have been happier if the film had depicted Nigerians emailing attempts to extract bank account details from citizens of other countries or shoving bags of cocaine into various orifices before boarding flights to Europe.

It’s good to see a government concentrating on the important stuff like a movie, rather than wasting its time on addressing lesser issues such as the endemic corruption, poverty and disease affecting over 90% of its 150 million people.

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