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Screen Australia funds one-off docos

Doc Edge international advisory board member Julia Overton’s A Cold War is among seven projects supported by Screen Australia’s Signature Documentary Programme.

Overton is a former Screen Australia Investment/Development Manager. She’s also on the board of Australia’s AIDC and is a member of Hot Docs’ International Advisory Panel. A Cold War is one of 19 projects being pitched at this week’s Hot Docs Forum.

Julia Overton

Julia Overton

Overton will produce A Cold War, which is written and directed by Juliet Lamont.

A Cold War tells the story of Greenpeace’s ‘Artic 30’, including New Zealanders Jonathan Beauchamp and David John Haussman, who were illegally arrested last year by Russian authorities following protests against Russian energy giant Gazprom.

A Cold War received AU$20,000 development support from Screen Australia in December, while the story was still unfolding.

Screen Australia’s provides production funding for projects that are bold in form and content. The stories can be local or international but they must have an Australian team with a strong vision. This programme doesn’t require a broadcaster attachment.

Projects supported are:

A Cold War
85 mins
Sling and Arrow Pty Ltd
Producers Juliet Lamont, Julia Overton
Writer/Director Juliet Lamont

Baxter And Me
85 mins
Gecko Films Pty Ltd
Producer Sue Brooks
Director Gillian Leahy
Distributor Ronin Films

Ecco Homo
85 mins
Ghost Pictures
Producers Richard Lowenstein, Maya Gnyp, Andrew de Groot, Lynn-Maree Milburn
Directors Richard Lowenstein, Lynn-Maree Milburn
Distributor Apparition Entertainment

In The Land Of Wolves
90 mins
Brian McKenzie Film Productions Pty. Ltd.
Producer Brian McKenzie
Director Grace McKenzie

The Opposition
70 mins
Media Stockade Pty Ltd
Producers Rebecca Barry, Madeleine Hetherton
Director Hollie Fifer

When The Camera Stopped Rolling
77 mins
Bower Bird Films Pty Limited
Producer Pat Fiske
Director Jane Castle

Winter At Westbeth
75 mins
Unicorn Films
Producer Adam Farrington-Williams
Executive Producer Lizzette Atkins
Director Rohan Spong