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Second helping of Pot Luck

The second season of Ness Simons’ Pot Luck is currently raising funds on Boosted ahead of getting stuck into production next month. Simons and producer Robin Murphy ran a successful campaign to support the first season in late 2015, also on Boosted, with the show’s first episode already completed and offering a compelling proof of concept for potential backers.

The full first season was released in the middle of last year. Pot Luck went on to be a finalist at the NZ Web Fest, winning selection at eight web fests internationally, and picked up awards including 10 wins at the Rome Web Awards.

The show, “NZ’s first lesbian web series”, found plenty of success reaching a lesbian audience with the support of organisations such as GayNZ and Lesbian Radio here, and via international platforms curating content for LGBTQI audiences such as OML.

“First and foremost, it was a show that I wanted to resonate with lesbian audiences,” said Simons, “but also something a broader mainstream audience could enjoy.”

The number of platforms Pot Luck’s first season was made available on helped to build over 2 million views and the second season was one of seven shows supported in the agency’s 2016 web series funding round.

“New Zealand’s got some really fantastic web series and web series creators and over five years there’s been a bunch of great shows,” Simons noted. “There’s so many great creators going for the same tiny slice of pie.”

The 2016 NZ On Air round also supported returning seasons for Auckward Love, Friday Night Bites, High Road and Lucy Lewis Can’t Lose as well as new shows Baby Mamas Club and the Candle Wasters’ Tragicomic.

Pot Luck Season 1 starts here

Without offering spoilers, there’ll be a number of cast members returning for the second season in addition to the core trio of Beth (Tess Jamieson-Karaha), Debs (Anji Kreft) and Mel (Nikki Si’ulepa). The new season picks up a few months after the close of the first.

Since releasing the first season last year, Simons has become head tutor at Wellington’s Film School, which put back the original plan to shoot the second season earlier in the year. While the Film School isn’t officially involved in the production, the Pot Luck team hope to offer internship opportunities to some of the school’s recent graduates. On the first season, 22 of the cast and crew were graduates from the school.

As well as moving Pot Luck towards production, producer Robin Murphy has also been 1st AD on Jackie Van Beek & Madeleine Sami’s The Breaker Upperers, and location managing for Tony Simpson’s A Kiwi Christmas. Welby Ings’ feature Punch, which Murphy is producing after a successful collaboration on Ings’ short Sparrow, recently secured Scandinavia-based The Yellow Affair as international sales agent at Cannes.



The Pot Luck Boosted campaign has just over a week left to run and closes on 13 July.

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