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Serato & SAE sign MOU

SAE Creative Media Institute has joined forces with Serato, the worldwide innovator and specialist in DJ audio software, to form an industry partnership.

The software company and the tertiary institute have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU), which will see the two establishments working together to provide mutual support, education and resources for both Serato and SAE staff, and SAE students.

A key componant of the MOU will be the SAE-run Principles of Professional Audio workshop series, a customised course developed specifically for Serato staff to undertake on-site at the Serato premises. This will be run by SAE’s electronic music production (EMP) specialist and audio lecturer, Dave Chechelashvili.

“We specifically designed this course to provide practitioners in the audio field a foundational knowledge of principles underlying common audio processes,” Mr Chechelashvili said. “It includes a broad range of topics aiming at increasing understanding of fundamental audio concepts, which Serato staff will find has many practical applications in their field.”

Additionally under the MOU, Serato will provide guest lecturers and equipment demonstrations for SAE’s electronic music production, audio degree and diploma students, as well as internship placements when appropriate.

SAE campus manager, Dr Suzette Major, said the path to full industry partnership was initiated by team at Serato who approached SAE to provide specialist audio training for their staff.

“We soon recognised the potential synergies between our organisations and potential for a formal partnership. It recognises that SAE is a global brand with an impressive reputation worldwide. Serato is equally a global brand  and a recognised leader within the audio software industry, so building this formal industry partnership is a natural step,” said Dr Major.

John Lockhart, test manager for Serato said;” We’re excited to be entering into a relationship with SAE NZ, whereby they will provide some tailored training to our staff. We have a high respect for their reputation and the quality of their training. A number of our staff have already been through SAE courses and we are looking forward to working together with SAE in the future.”

Serato was founded in New Zealand in 1998 by Kiwis Stephen West and AJ Bertenshaw, and specialises in audio signal processing, production and professional performance tools for DJs.
Although an international company whose products have come to dominate the international market, Serato remains headquartered in Auckland. Serato’s products are now the most widely used products the American DJ arena and recognised as the worldwide industry standard in DJing.

SAE delivers creative media education to more than 10,000 students at 54 campuses in 28 countries. SAE New Zealand offers tertiary qualifications in audio engineering and filmmaking, including the Bachelor of Recording Arts, the Diploma of Audio Engineering, a Certificate in Electronic Music Production, the Diploma in Filmmaking and the Bachelor of Film Arts.

About SAE
SAE New Zealand offers world-leading NZQA-accredited courses in creative media across two discipline streams – audio and film. Internationally, SAE is a leading global educator, operating 54 campuses in 28 countries. Originating as an audio engineering institute in 1976, SAE has evolved to offer world-class qualifications in animation, design, digital journalism, film, games and web & mobile. In 2015, SAE Auckland achieved the highest possible rating in NZQA’s External Evaluation and Review (EER) with a Highly Confident in Educational Performance and Highly Confident in Capability in Self Assessment.  SAE is a part of the Navitas group. Further information about SAE is available at www.auckland.sae.edu.

About Navitas
Navitas is an Australian global education leader providing pre-university and university programs, English language courses, migrant education and settlement services, creative media education, student recruitment, professional development and corporate training services to more than 80,000 students across a network of over 100 colleges around the world. Navitas is an ASX Top 100 Company. Further information about Navitas is available at www.navitas.com

About Serato
Serato, the worldwide innovator and specialist in DJ audio software, is the original inventor of Pitch ‘n Time launched in 1999, revolutionizing the way sound could be manipulated in a studio environment. A huge success, this software had applications for sound production across the music and film industries. Since 2000, on the strength of its networks within the DJ industry, Serato began to specialize in products designed specifically for the digital DJ industry. It worked with hardware manufacturers to further develop its products away from the constraints of studio and computer-based equipment to applications for all-in-one controllers which provide portability and ease-of-use like never before. Serato collaborates with hardware manufacturers to bring new tools to the professional and beginner DJ. In 2011, Serato launched Serato DJ Intro, the first product designed for the beginner, giving the amateur DJ the opportunity to learn the skills required in digital DJing, opening the market to a much wider audience. With a suite of music and video manipulation software and tools designed for both the professional and entry level/ beginner DJ markets, Serato is regarded as the pioneer of the digital DJ industry, with a host of supporters and fans worldwide. With an increasingly sophisticated user base, the development of product has gone from strength to strength since the company’s inception. Serato customers are fully engaged with the company through Serato’s customer care line, forums and social media channels, and are constantly suggesting improvements that they would like to see incorporated. Serato’s developers work closely with leading DJs and music industry leaders to innovate and improve Serato products, with the needs and desires of their customers always a top priority. For more information on Serato visit serato.com

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