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Sex-starved parrot flies home

DCD Rights announced a number of post-MIPCOM factual sales to Kiwi and Aussie broadcasters, including Last Chance To See and 45 Stone Virgin.

Stephen Fry’s new series Last Chance To See, in which he and Mark Carwardine track down animals on the edge of extinction has been sold to ABC (Australia), Sky Network (New Zealand) and Madman Entertainment (Australia for DVD).

Well over a million people have now watched the YouTube video of Sirocco the rare Kakapo parrot try to shag zoologist Mark Carwardine’s head as Stephen Fry looks on.

Sirocco now has nearly 4,000 friends on Facebook and a few thousand followers on Twitter.

TLC’s highest rated documentary of 2009, 45 Stone Virgin has been sold to Network Ten (Australia) and TVNZ (New Zealand). The documentary follows thirty-one year old David Smith from Arizona who has gone from a morbidly obese loner to a healthy, happy fitness instructor, losing over 28 stone in weight without gastric bypass surgery.

In other girth-challenged programming, UK’s Channel 4 has sold Half Ton Son to Nine and TVNZ. Billy Robbins, the world’s heaviest teenager, makes the decision to turn his life around, undergoing several operations and learning to be completely independent from his mother. Pass the donuts.

If you haven’t yet seen Sirocco’s antics, this won’t be your last chance …

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