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SHIFT72 takes geographic rights management to the next level

London, 12 April 2017: Digital Element, the leading IP intelligence provider, today announced that SHIFT72, a New Zealand-based video technology company, has enhanced its pioneering video on demand (VOD) platform by integrating NetAcuity hyperlocal IP geolocation technology to improve its film distribution rights management capability globally.

SHIFT72 powers VOD for some of the world’s leading entertainment brands such as SXSW and The Cannes Film Market. By incorporating Digital Element’s IP intelligence into the platform, the company will be able to assure its clients that digital geographic film rights are being enforced appropriately. Using the technology, SHIFT72’s customers can gain full control of distribution windowing and regional sales in real time by validating a viewer’s location at various stages throughout their journey, and blocking or unblocking content access by territory.
“Distribution rights play a key role around monetising content in the film industry. It was important for us to incorporate reliable geolocation technology to give our clients the confidence that their content is not being accessed outside of their arrangements,” explained Mark Sargent, Chief Technology Officer at SHIFT72. “Digital Element has gained the trust of broadcasters worldwide, and – along with the flexibility of their solution – this made the decision to use their technology an easy one.”
Digital Element is the global leader and industry pioneer in IP geolocation technology. Its intelligence solution provides the most detailed, hyperlocal dataset available worldwide today that complies with the highest standards of end-user privacy.
Charlie Johnson, Digital Element’s Vice President, UK & Northern Ireland, commented: “SHIFT72 is a fantastic, pioneering company that is really feeling the benefit of our cloud-based solution. It is great to see our solution being integrated at speed to make a real difference to the company’s offering.  With our IP intelligence, SHIFT72 will continue to connect filmmakers with the right audiences and achieve the economic sustainability within the independent film industry that they believe in.”
SHIFT72 joins some of Digital Element’s other high-profile clients including Discovery Networks, Disney Interactive, Sony Pictures, CNN, BBC, ESPN, Channel 5, Hulu, CBS Interactive, YouView, Turn, Videology, Teads.tv and many others.
About SHIFT72
SHIFT72 provides Secure Video On Demand platforms to the entertainment industry across the spectrum of business models from TVOD to AVOD and TVE.  Founded in 2013, SHIFT72’s focus has been on making on-demand better for everyone allowing leading entertainment brands to monetize content and provide a superior viewing experience.

For more information about SHIFT72 visit shift72.com