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Shorts trip to Clermont-Ferrand

34 NZ films will make the journey to France later this month for the world’s largest short film festivla/market event. Two will be playing in competition, all will be touting for business.



Last year’s edition drew 3,500 industry delegates including 534 producers, 48 TV buyers, 95 distributors, 108 theatre exhibitors, and 492 festival curators. The market presents c6500 new titles each year.

In the festival programme Ryan Heron’s Return plays in the international competition. Heron has done a considerable amount of commercial work with Flying Fish, and also with MTV and Red Bull.

In the Lab Competition (“Electrifying combinations, arresting viewpoints, accomplished risk-taking” according to the festival release) the NZ selection is David White’s Killer?. White (I Kill, The Cleanest Pig, producer Shihad: Beautiful Machine) is a former SPADA board member and was an entertaining panel member at last year’s Uni Shorts.

Outside of the competitions, there’s one co-production on the NZ list: Felix Schaefer’s NZ-Germany short Te Henga.

Matthew Saville's Dive

Matthew Saville’s Dive

Three of the titles were winners in last year’s local screen awards. Matthew Saville’s Dive was a double winner at Show Me Shorts 2014, including taking out the Best Film gong. Abigail Greenwood’s Eleven won Best Film at December’s NZ Film Awards in December and was also a winner in the NZIFF’s NZ’s Best competition. Hamish Bennett’s Ross and Beth reversed that, winning NZ’s Best and also being awarded at the NZ Film Awards.

Seven documentary shorts will be presented in Clermont-Ferrand:

  • Alex Sutherland’s The Jump
  • Aaron Smart’s Just Keep Running
  • Frédéric Geffroy & Victor Naveira’s The Last Lab
  • Jackie Van Beek’s The Lawnmower Bandit
  • Tim Worrall’s The Road to Whakarae
  • Rowena Baines’ The Contract
  • J.ollie Lucks & Max Bellamy’s The Characteristics of C-Minor

Of the fiction films, several have played (and in some cases won awards) at local and international festivals, including

  • Charlie Bleakley’s Coconut
  • David Strong’s The Last Night
  • Eli Kent & Leon Wadham’s School Night
  • Alyx Duncan’s The Tide Keeper
  • Gregory King’s UFO
  • Alex Backhouse’s Unnatural History
  • Steven Saussey’s Whisker
Charlie leakley's Coconut

Charlie Bleakley’s Coconut

Also in the market will be

  • Katherine Mcrae’s Abandon Ship
  • Louise Leitch’s Dancers
  • Andrew Beattie’s The Hunting Party
  • Slayton Hurst Bourdon’s I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart
  • Greg Bennett’s I Strongly Suggest
  • Wendell Cooke’s Loner
  • Dan Kircher’s Movie
  • Mike Jonathan’s Ow What!
  • Emma Schranz’s Precipice
  • Barry Carter’s Rosy Brown
  • Jordana Guerra’s Sleeping Dream
  • Jonathon Brough’s Snowmen
  • Florence Noble’s Things Are Going Really Well
  • Regan Hooper’s Unnatural Selection

Clermont-Ferrand runs its festival 30 January to 7 February, its market 2 – 5 February.

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