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Show Me Shorts takes Dive

The award night’s only multiple winner, and now 2016 Oscar contender, was Matthew Saville’s high degree of difficulty title Dive, which picked up the Script and Best Film gongs.

Robyn Malcolm

Show Me Shorts judge Robyn Malcolm teases out the Best Film announcement

Writer-director Saville and producer Julia Parnell were suitably cheered by big win, which comes off a good year for short as well as feature film. Ahead of the presentation of the Best Film gong, judge Robyn Malcolm acknowledged the quality of the titles in competition and shared that the judging process had been one of “vigorous discussion and argument” leading to sharing the awards around the nominees because of the calibre of the entries.

Show Me Shorts recycled Te Radar as host, who in turn recycled a couple of award ceremony jokes, all the while keeping the pace and humour flowing along – so successfully that the audience managed to hit the after-party 15 minutes ahead of schedule.

One award remains up for grabs, the Wendy’s People’s Choice gong, the winner of which will be named after the festival has completed its run.

Show Me Shorts runs until 23 November.

The winners were (marked ***)

Best Film Award

Julia Parnell and Matthew Saville, Dive

Julia Parnell and Matthew Saville, Dive

Kate Prior and Abigail Greenwood, Eleven
Greg Wood, Levi Slavin and Declan Cahill, Helmut Makes a Quilt

Best International Film Award
Arthur Molard, Jiminy
Niv Shpigel and Robert Moreno, Load
*** Marcel Barelli, Vigia (Lookout)

NZFC Special Jury Prize

Paul Neason, Queenie

Paul Neason (above) and Steffen Kreft, Queenie

DEGNZ Best Director Award

Hamish Bennett, Ross & Beth

Hamish Bennett, Ross & Beth

Matthew Saville, Dive
Abigail Greenwood, Eleven

StarNow Best Actor Award

Jackie van Beek, Uphill, and host Te Radar

Jackie van Beek, Uphill, and host Te Radar

Astrid Lewis, Eleven
Cameron Rhodes, Killing Phillip

Final Draft Best Screenplay Award
*** Matthew Saville, Dive
Greg Wood and Levi Slavin, Helmut Makes a Quilt
Jeremy Liss and Sam Burt, Queenie

Panavision Best Cinematographer Award
*** Ginny Loane, Helmut Makes a Quilt
Grant McKinnon, Ross & Beth
Ari Wegner, Uphill

Best Editor Award
Peter Roberts, Dive
*** Annie Collins, Eleven
Stewart Reeves, Killing Phillip

Best Music Video

Alix Whittaker and THUNDERLIPS, Glare by Sheep, Dog & Wolf

Alix Whittaker and THUNDERLIPS, Glare by Sheep, Dog & Wolf

Samuel Galloway, Return of the Worm by T54
Paul Innes, Robotronic by Dead Beat Boys

Student Film: Notable Mention

Yarden Elyashiv (left), Bars And Tone

Yarden Elyashiv (left) and cinematographer Chelcie Harman, winners with their graduation film from Unitec, Bars And Tone

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