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SIFF announces “Jackie Chan Action Films Week”

SIFF, Shanghai, 18 june 2014: The action film superstar, Jackie Chan appeared in Shanghai International Film Festival on June 18th, and declared that since 2015, he will jointly hold “Jackie Chan International Action Movie Week” with SIFF, which will become an official and regular part of SIFF in the future.

“Jackie Chan International Action Movie Week” aims at commending excellent filmmakers who have made great contribution to world’s action movies, shown extraordinary performance of action actors and technical innovation of special good effect on international film publishing platforms, guided new action talents and making great efforts and contribution in passing on Chinese action movie tradition as well as promoting its development.

“Jackie Chan International Action Movie Week” includes three sessions: the public voting, screening and forum of the action movies. Professional film selection commission will collect the latest and excellent action movies worldwide. The candidates to be screened will be selected by the public from the admitted films.

The introduction and relevant information of the candidates will be released on the official website of SIFF and our video website partners. The audience could vote on-line. The information for the reference of public voting will cover the basic elements of all action movies, including the efforts made behind the screen.

The screening section will not only showcase his classic action movies but also present excellent action films collected in the past five years over the world.

The action film forum will hold seminars on action technique innovation, artificial martial art design and the application and development of computer action stunts.

Jackie Chan, born on April 7 1954, is both a domestic and international superstar and enjoys a high reputation among ethnic Chinese. He is famous for shooting martial art films such as Police Story, The Forbidden Kingdom and CZ12 in typical, breaking Hong Kong box office records for repeatedly. The total box office of films starring Jackie Chan has exceed 10 billion Yuan, top the list of ethnic Chinese actors.

Jackie Chan first rose to fame for his kung fu film Drunken Master. Then in 1994 he starred in the Red Zone which became a hit in United States after release and he successfully broke into Hollywood. The following Rush Hour series films also received high box office, and thus laid his status as an international movie star. Mr. Chan has repeated the initiative several times, hoping to set up a series awards event special for the world action movie and people behind the scenes of action movies, and to release them in an international platform, so that the whole world will pay attention to the development of action films, efforts and achievements that action filmmakers have made and the hardships they have gone through.

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