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Sky falls, and rises

The overall number of Sky subscribers fell in the year to end June, but the company has been successful in tempting enough existing subscribers with its higher-cost new services that profit increased.

The company’s spend on programming was 32% of its income, its average figure over the last five years. There might be a lot more channels on the service than there were five years ago, but Sky’s spend on its own content offer hasn’t grown as a proportion of income.

Income was up 2% to $928 million, the subscriber base fell 1.5% to 851,561 (or 47% of NZ households), while profit climbed 6.4% to $171.8 million.

The much-commented on delayed release of SVOD service NEON, following on from the much-commented etc Igloo, didn’t help earnings during the period.

Sky’s report is available for download here

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