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Sky gets into The Zone

Sky has announced the launch later this year of genre channel The Zone, delivering the sort of content that programmer Chris Philpott says has been “mistreated over the years, scheduled in ungodly timeslots and yanked around the schedule without warning”.

Philpott lays out the offer in an article for The Herald. The Zone Facebook page reveals the first of the content announcements – three series, one of which is led by Kiwi actor Grant Bowler and another of which is from almost Hobbit director Guillermo del Toro.

There’s no word yet on whether the channel will be offering any actual local fare, but Sky has plenty of announcements to tease out along the road to the Zone’s launch.

Grant Bowler

Defiance: See that window? No 8 wire, mate.

The Zone will be part of Sky’s basic package and begin airing “in November”, although no exact date has been announced. It seems a little odd for the genre channel not to capitalise on the promotional opportunity that is Halloween, but maybe that announcement is yet to come.

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