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Sky snuggles up closer with Vodafone

MySky HDi, previously a $15 item on the monthly bill, disappears like a puff of smoke now that competition, in the form of TiVo, has arrived. Sky hadn’t been expected to do nothing in response to TiVo’s and Vodafone flagged today’s announcement yesterday.

The deal announced answers one part of the question TiVo has been posing in the lead up to its launch: why make monthly payments?

New and existing Sky HDi customers are eligible for the offer, but need to take Vodafone’s Ideal or Ultimate home phone and broadband pack, and have Sky billed by Vodafone. The offer is explained on Vodafone’s site.

My Sky HDi offers a similar bag of tricks to TiVO and the new Freeview HD PVR, with live pause, rewind, record live TV and Series Link (recording every episode in a series at the touch of a button), plus a couple of extras like an EPG that lists everyone. The rest of the answer to ‘why make monthly payments?’ is of course the fact that Sky offers up to 110 channels.

Unlike with the Telcom/TiVo deal, Vodafone isn’t removing data caps, currently 5 and 20 GB on Vodafone’s Ideal and Ultimate broadband plans. As Sky isn’t expected to move to broadband delivery until there’s infrastructure capable of delivering its service, cap removal is not something likely to become part of the offer for some time.

Telecom spent the middle of the year pushing its new unlimited broadband plans, even before the deal with TiVo was announced. As those deals have a minimum term, that might restrict people’s ability to take advantage of the Sky/Vodafone offer in the short term.

The Sky/Vodafone offer takes effect 7 December. TiVo is available in Telecom stores now.

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