Slice and Dice

A new comedy horror movie generating a lot of buzz is Deathgasm, which continues the tradition of New Zealand made “splatter comedies” such as Peter Jackson’s Braindead.

PikPok has teamed up with the Deathgasm creators to bring some new, hilarious, gruesome features to our zombie game Into the Dead. We’ve added a whole new Deathgasm weapon set that includes an electric guitar with a power-drill duct-taped on, and a paintball gun that shoots D20s!

Just in time for Halloween and available only for the month of October, see below for our metal new Deathgasm weapons. 

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Weapon 1: Drilltar
AD_IntoTheDead_DrilltarRock and Rip!
An electric guitar with a drill attached for killer riffs
Weapon 2: Buzzsaw Blades
AD_IntoTheDead_BuzzsawDeath Metal!
Buzzsaw blades that players throw at the dead. Like nothing else in game.
Weapon 3: Dice Gun
AD_IntoTheDead_DiceGunDice with Death!
A paintball gun that shoots D20s. Game over.
Weapon 4: Barb Wire Weedwacker
AD_IntoTheDead_HeadTrimmerHead Trimmer!
Weed wacker with barbed wire attached. Bloody brilliant.

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